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An innovative learning company

Our BIG goal

Our mission is to champion the continued evolution of the modern classroom by offering world-renowned professional development, and providing unparalleled service and equipment that enable outstanding student achievement.


  • Teq becomes exclusive SMART distributor for New York State
    Huntington, NY, August 17, 2015 ---Teq, a Huntington Station-based distributor of educational technology, has landed an exclusivity agreement to be the sole distributor of hardware and software products made by Smart Technologies to schools across New York State. The statewide sales agreement with Canadian-based Smart, maker of interactive classroom whiteboards of the same name, is projected to increase Teq's revenue by as much as 20 percent, said Chris Hickey, president of Teq. The reseller of educational technology to schools is…
  • Teq Announces Partnership with RnB Enterprises, Inc. to Offer its Online Professional Development Solution, SMART Notebook, Spot and JumpStart NAO Robot Program in Connecticut
    Huntington, NY and Oxford, CT, June 3, 2015 ---Teq, a leading educational technology and professional development firm, today announced an agreement with RnB Enterprises, Inc., a leading SMART reseller partner, to offer Teq’s Online Professional Development Solution, SMART Notebook, Spot and JumpStart NAO Robot Program in Connecticut. “The educational marketplace needs expertise on instructional technology for all subjects and all grade levels. RnB Enterprises, Inc. collectively with Teq is a powerful way to get both. Our local presence along with…

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A little about us...

The structure and methodology of our professional development stems from our mission statement. Our programs assist schools and districts in the adoption of the latest standards and assessments. Teq professional development prepares administrators and teachers to create pathways for rigorous learning, student achievement, college readiness, and success in a global economy. It leverages the use of data systems to measure student growth and the success of instruction.

Our professional development supports the recruitment and retention of administrators and teachers, and the raising of academic achievement levels of low and high performing schools.

we were raised in a barn.

Our story began in a small barn where we specialized in the sale of vocational training equipment. As we shifted to interactive product integration, our family business steadily grew to an organization of 140 professionals. Now 40 years later, our sweet little barn stands as the symbolic reminder of the company’s humble origins and the open door we offer our clients. We encourage you to stop by with your input, and look forward to sharing new learning experiences with you.


Teq is actively hiring! We're looking for talented people to join our team and help improve teacher and student achievement. Click here for career opportunities or visit Teq on LinkedIn.

Teq's main office on Long Island, New York


Teq is an approved NYS and NYC vendor. NYC vendor ID: TEQ058, NYC DOE Professional Services Contract #QR812BA. See all contracts

Executive Team

Damian ScarfoDamian Scarfo
Chris Hickey Chris Hickey
Arnaldo Perez Arnaldo Perez
George Tsenes George Tsenes
VP of Product Development
Michele Gill Michele Gill
VP of Outside Sales
Brian Beedenbender Brian Beedenbender
VP of Inside Sales
Robert Wayne Harris Robert-Wayne Harris
VP of Professional Development
Phil Iserino Phil Iserino
VP of NYC/Channel Sales
Peter Kurtz Peter Kurtz
VP of Marketing
Rob Sanoff Rob Sanoff
Adriana Minano Adriana Minano
Sr. Director of Client Support
Jessica Tighe Jessica Tighe
Sr. Director of Client Services
Fred Catalano Fred Catalano
Sr. Director of Finance
Andrew Grefig Andrew Grefig
Director of Curriculum and Content
Frank Falconeri Frank Falconeri
Director of Logistics
Jeffrey Koss Jeffrey Koss
Director of Sales Operations
Joseph Sanfilippo Joseph Sanfilippo
Director of eLearning
Molly Clark Molly Clark
Human Resources Manager
Dawn Castillo Dawn Castillo
Project Manager
Cheryl Zimmerman Cheryl Zimmerman
Program Manager
7 Norden Lane
Huntington Station, NY 11746
tel. 877.455.9369 | fax 631.293.4951