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Pi Day Resources for your Classroom

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Calling all math lovers – Pi Day is here! For those of you snowed in like me, here’s your chance to check out some Pi-themed activities that you can try in your class tomorrow.  – Learning Resources features videos of creative, funny, and impressive Pi content including a Pi-Day countdown, Pi sightings from […]

5 Ways to Create Digital Exit Slips

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When I was a classroom teacher, I always liked ending my lessons with an activity where students would reflect on their learning experience. I would do this using exit slips, which students would write on torn sheets of paper. But times have changed and now almost every student has some sort of personal device. For that […]

Lost in Translation? Check out the Improved Google Translate

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We’ve all been there before. Anyone who’s ever tried to learn another language, understand a foreign expression, or read a message and respond in a language other than your own, has experienced their message being lost in translation. From slang and informal language to “exceptions to the rule,” having a language barrier can be frustrating. […]

What’s New in Notebook 16.2

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Just released—the latest version of the SMART Learning Suite, 16.2! With 16.2, SMART has made changes to some of our favorites including SMART lab, SMART Math Tools, and the Equation Editor with Geogebra. With this update, SMART also introduced integration with Google Classroom, and updated Flash items on the Mac. To see the updates made […]

Revealing Adobe Creative Cloud’s New Publishing Panel (beta) Premiere Pro is now adding Social

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Adobe has been in the video, editing, audio, motion, and  graphics world for about 25 years now. However, over the last few years Adobe has really dived into the passion of online video users, producers, creators, and editors. From hometown YouTube stars to celebrity video blogs, people everywhere have been changing the world of video […]

Top 5 Websites for Coding

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Over the past 2 years, you may have noticed that coding has become a hot topic with school STEM initiatives. Unfortunately, many educators who have never done coding before don’t know how to approach this important skill with their students. Luckily, that is starting to becoming a problem of the past with numerous educational coding resources popping […]

4 Ways the All-New Explore is Making Google Apps Even Better

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“Explore” the New Feature of the Newly-Named G Suite Google Apps for Education is undergoing a few improvements including a brand new name—G Suite for Education—and a new smart feature, Explore. Explore (which can be found in Google Sheets, Google Docs, and Google Slides) was designed to help simplify typically complicated tasks and is sure […]

Kahoot! is Going Global!

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This just in—Kahoot! has officially raised $10 million dollars in their efforts to help improve learning for all students (and yes, we mean ALL students. Kahoot! is now going global)! Why is it so great? Kahoot! is a free classroom assessment platform that allows teachers to gamify quizzes, discussions, questions, and polls, turning them into group or […]

3 Ways to Use Pokemon GO in The Classroom

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Gotta catch em all? Educators from all around the web are offering ideas for incorporating Pokémon GO into the classroom. The game, which debuted in July, has become an instant hit with kids and adults alike. Similar to the rise ofMinecraft, educators have begun to embrace Pokémon GO because of its potential for gamification. Here at Teq, […]

Google Updates Maps and Earth Apps

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Look who just got a makeover! Google Maps and Google Earth now contain sharper and more detailed images because of its updated applications from NASA’s Landsat 8 Satellite company. The last time imagery was updated was in 2013. At that time, Google was using photographs captured by a less capable Landsat 7 satellite which experienced […]

Free Summer PD & BBQ Catered by US for YOU!

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Here at Teq, we all know well that teachers deserve the much needed rest and relaxation that comes along with summer vacation. We hope you enjoy every minute of it, fellow educators! But we also understand that many teachers and administrators like to use this free time to brush up on their instructional skills in […]

June Course Preview

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June Course Preview Join us in June for more great content from Teq Online PD! We’re offering afternoon sessions, so when it’s too hot to bare outside, come cool down inside and watch some live sessions! This month, we’ll focus on some Google and SMART tools as well as some interesting features of Adobe and […]


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