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TechDay 2017 – Takeaways and Resources for Parents and Teachers

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On April 18th, I attended TechDay, the US’s largest event for startup companies. Startups strive to bring innovative ideas to the masses, however, often times their path to success is very difficult. According to a 2015 Forbes Entrepreneur Blog, 9 out of 10 startups fail. TechDay aims to improve that statistic by increasing networking opportunities amongst this group. This […]

Teq Sponsors Black Girls Code Event at Google Headquarters!

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On Saturday, April 8th, my colleague and I attended a Teq-sponsored event at Google Headquarters hosted by Black Girls Code, an organization built on the mission of increasing the number of women of color in STEM fields. 30 girls ages 7-12 attended this event and learned how to use Google Blocky and SmartGurlz robots. I […]

Top 7 Edutainment and Entertainment Games to Use in Your Classroom from PAX East 2017

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The Growth of Edutainment and Entertainment Games in the Classroom Recently, we attended PAX East 2017 in Boston, MA. While it was clear the most popular games involved VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality), we also saw significant growth in edutainment (or entertaining educational games) and using entertainment games for educational purposes.  As seen in this […]

Google Tips and Tricks: Protecting Your Information

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If you’re an avid Internet user like myself, there’s a good chance you juggle many different web passwords at any given moment, which can often be frustrating to memorize and manage. Thanks to tools like Google’s Smart Lock, the need to memorize passwords has become a thing of the past while protecting your personal information […]

How To Use Google Cast for Education to Screen Share Devices to your SMART Board

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Google Cast for Education is a free app that allows teachers and students to turn their devices into wireless projectors or receivers. Using Google Cast, users can share their screen on interactive whiteboards or to other devices. Want to give it a try? Watch the video below to see how it works with a Chromebook. […]

Saving Teachers Time

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“Wow I have a lot of extra time on my hands today,” said no teacher, ever. Let’s face it, teachers are busy. When I was a classroom teacher, I was lucky enough to get a bathroom break some days! And as if every day wasn’t a whirlwind already, now schools are expecting teachers to integrate more […]

What is the Difference Between Gamification and Game-based Learning?

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Gamification is not a new concept, however it is often confused with game-based learning and playing games. As more educators begin to implement these two concepts into the classroom, we at Teq think it is important for educators and parents to know the differences between the two concepts, the benefits of creating lessons using gamification […]

Integrating Technology into Physical Education Classes

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When I was younger I could always expect to play dodgeball, kickball, or some other form of a team sport when going to Phys Ed class. However, there were the occasional days when we would practice running a timed mile for the physical fitness test, but that wasn’t nearly often enough for me, as woman […]

The Benefits of Using Augmented Reality in Early Childhood Education

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There has been a lot of buzz lately about interactive games that use augmented reality, and while these games are a lot of fun I wonder what applications this technology may have in the early childhood ed classroom. Augmented reality (AR) is the simultaneous interaction of the virtual and real world with the use of […]

Gaming in the Classroom

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We’ve all been in the situation where we are playing a game and we realize that our opponent is doing really well, perhaps too well. Suspicion slowly creeps in, “Is this still a fair game?” It’s at that point that I usually walk away because a level of trust has been broken. Gameplay has rules, […]

“Have you heard the BUZZ?” What’s New in the SMART Learning Suite 16.1

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        There’s quite a bit of buzz here at Teq and that’s because SMART released the latest version of their learning suite, 16.1 earlier this week! There are several new features that we have already had a taste of and we are excited to now share them with you! SMART lab: In addition to […]


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