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Welcome SMART Notebook 15.2
December 16, 2015

Here at Teq, we don’t know what we would do without our SMART Notebook Software, and we are VERY excited to announce some of the new updates to the platform released this week. With the subscription­-based versions of the software, SMART has promised multiple releases per year with new, engaging instructional tools. They certainly did not disappoint with the most recent release of Notebook 15.2. Read More

Easy Infographics with Piktochart
November 30, 2015

fographics are great ways to present important information in a visually appealing way, and there are a number of web resources that can make the process of creating them quite simple. Piktochart is one of the websites which provides various, user friendly templates that can be customized for any topic. Read More

Fall is Here – Lessons for the Season Change
September 23, 2015

Today, we welcome the first official day of Fall 2015! I’m sure many of our teachers are happy that they can keep their classroom windows open to welcome a cool, autumn breeze. In addition, you may be looking for engaging lessons to help teach about the change of seasons. To help, we've put together a list of some great ways to introduce students to fall, and even provide some scientific awareness about why we experience the season change across the globe. Read More

zSpace Releases New Updates!
September 21, 2015

For the 2015-2016 school year, zSpace expanded their engaging learning platform with new application releases and an entire new user interface for each of the zSpace applications. Read More

Start the School Year with SMART Notebook 15.1
September 1, 2015

As promised, this August, SMART released the newest version of its Notebook software. With the update to SMART Notebook 15.1, users can create even more dynamic lesson content with the additions to templates in Notebook’s Lesson Activity Builder. Read More

Organize Your Life with Trello
August 21, 2015

Trello allows users to create boards with organized lists composed of individual task cards. Setting up your board is easy because the layout is created by you! Read More

Zondle – In Danger of Closing its Doors
July 24, 2015

The zondle platform features a number of fun game templates which can assist in keeping students engaged with the ability to personalize their learning environment. However, zondle is in danger of closing its doors on July 31, 2015! In order to avoid this unfortunate ending of this valuable learning platform, zondle is exploring the possibility of a paid, subscription-based option. Find out how you can help. Read More

Interactive Videos with Educanon
July 21, 2015

Educanon is a free website (with paid features) that allows users to add questions and reflections to videos from various sources. Through the creation of classes, Educanon also makes it easy to share created content with students and monitor progress as they respond to these built-in questions. Read More

Summer Professional Development with Teq
July 1, 2015

Here at Teq, we know that all teachers deserve the rest and relaxation that comes along with summer vacation. And we hope you enjoy every minute of it, fellow educators!  We also know that many teachers like to use this time to brush up on instructional skills to return in September refreshed and well prepared […] Read More

Using ClassFlow to Increase Student Engagement
June 23, 2015

ClassFlow allows teachers to import or create lessons that can be delivered to students while presenting content to the whole class. Read More

Classroom Management with Class Dojo
May 28, 2015

Behavior charts are a popular way for students to see their progress with specific goals in mind. Well, why not make those behavior charts digital, share them with parents, and give students the ability to view and track their progress any time. Class Dojo is a fun way to make this possible! Read More

Formative Assessments with Plickers
May 18, 2015

Students will hold up their response cards, and through the Plickers app, a device’s camera will scan student cards. You will be amazed at how accurate and sensitive the scanner is! Read More

SMART Notebook 15 is Here!
April 23, 2015

SMART Notebook 15 is finally here! See all the new features and learn more about this exciting update. Read More

Illustrative Mathematics Gets a New Look
April 15, 2015

The Illustrative Mathematics website recently underwent a transformation, simplifying the navigation process and expanding the free materials that encourage students to perform investigations around various mathematics principles. Read More

Cool Peripherals for Your Science Classroom
March 9, 2015

Thanks to our friend, Peter White, from Bodelin Technologies, we were able to demonstrate some more great tools for use in the science classroom. Read More

It’s Never Too Late To Join Our Google Educator Certification Course!
March 4, 2015

Sign up today to join our Teq Digital Teacher- Google Educator course! It's never too late to start! Missed the first session? Catch up via our archive. Read More

A Sad Goodbye to Infuse Learning — What Now?
February 13, 2015

If you are working with a mobile assessment initiative in your classroom or school, it is important to be sure that you have a well-developed platform that can help support your needs. Without Infuse Learning as an option, you may wondering "what do I do now?" Be sure to use some of our resources to help you locate a good fit for teachers and students. Read More

Creating Division Symbols in your SMART Notebook Software
February 5, 2015

If you are trying to create some of your own content in SMART Notebook, you may need the correct division symbol to write your practice examples. Depending on the grade level you work with, you have various ways to model and discuss the division of terms. Whether using a fraction bar, division symbol, or a long division house, there are easy options to add these into your SMART Notebook software. Read More

February is Full of Great Courses with Teq Online PD!
January 22, 2015

Our February calendar is chock-full of great content! With so many teachers on winter break during the week of February 16th, we will be featuring some of our best courses in all main subject areas, as well as some of our other favorite new courses. Read More

Bring 3D to Your Classroom with zSpace
January 21, 2015

zSpace provides access to various apps that are centered around a comprehensive STEM learning environment. Students are encouraged to explore scientific principles using the software available on their zSpace system. Let’s take a closer look at three zSpace applications and their use for multi-level instructional practice. Read More

Front Row for Assessment
January 7, 2015

Teachers are often looking for new ways to assess their students’ knowledge of Common Core Learning Standards. Front Row is a web- based platform (and iPad app!) that allows you to motivate students, differentiate practice activities, and receive immediate feedback on student progress in your Common Core Math class. Read More

Enrolling Your Chromebook for Device Management
December 1, 2014

Have you recently started using Chromebooks or other devices in your school with Google Apps for Education? Or, are you considering using them in the near future? As you may know, Chromebooks have become a popular solution for teachers and students due to affordability and ease of implementation. One thing you may not realize is […] Read More

See What’s New with Buncee EDU
November 21, 2014

Buncee, one of our favorite digital publishing tools here at Teq, has made some great improvements to the capabilities on their web-based creation platform. Read More

Top 5 Windows Key Codes To Know
October 29, 2014

Have you ever created an exam or worksheet for your students that required the use of symbols like division signs or accent marks? Where do you find the symbol that you need, and how do you get it on your page?! Well, key codes on your Windows computer can help make this task a lot […] Read More

Enhancing Your Educreations Experience
October 11, 2014

I recently visited a school to support their new implementation of iPads and was very excited to show the teachers how to use Educreations, an iPad app and website for creating and recording video presentations. The idea was to have students create a short video to review one main topic they learned in their math […] Read More