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Voice Grading with Talk & Comment

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Now that we are in the era of cloud-based teaching and learning (think: G-Suite, Classroom, Edmodo, etc.), it’s important to consider how the workflow from student to teacher gets managed.  While it is wonderful to strive to be paperless, it takes a tremendous amount of effort to enable students to turn in work digitally and […]

Using Sound in SMART Notebook Lesson Pages

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Looking for an easy way to add some excitement to your lessons? Try adding sound files to your SMART Notebook lessons. Frequently used by elementary teachers to help students learn new words and vocabulary, this easy-to-use feature can also benefit older students, as well.   Helping Auditory Learners Consider this— we encourage our students to […]

How to Use the ShowMe App to Display Student Work

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When students create and share via their classroom devices, amazing things can happen! Whether practicing their non-fiction writing skills or demonstrating learning in Math, the “ShowMe” app for teachers and students is a powerful tool for creating presentations, video tutorials, or recorded lessons. Results can be shared from student to student, from teacher to a class, […]

5 Simple Steps to Get Started with SMART kapp

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SMART kapp—SMART’s modern day dry-erase board—has been making its way into classrooms nationwide. Designed to enrich small group collaboration by allowing students to naturally capture discussion notes and then digitally share them, students can focus on class discussion, rather than copying notes. Take a look at how you can use the SMART kapp to capture notes and […]


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