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See What’s New with Buncee EDU

New and Improved

Buncee, one of our favorite digital publishing tools here at Teq, has made some great improvements to the capabilities on their web-based creation platform. With a low-priced EDU Plus account, teachers and students now have increased functionality to create media-rich assignments, presentations, event invites, and more. With increases to storage space, creation … Read more

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Try SMART amp

SMART amp Adds New Customized Group Feature

SMART Amp adds new feature to help classroom management and customize instruction

SMART amp, the cloud-based collaboration workspace that allows teachers and students to work together from any web-enabled device, has just added another great feature: “Customize Groups to Hand Out Copies.”

With this feature, teachers will now be able to administer work to … Read more

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The Ultimate SMART Board Troubleshooting Guide

Is stress over your SMART Board getting you down?

It’s true; sometimes even the most reliable technologies can have a hiccup here and there, and sometimes these small hiccups can result in lost instructional time.

Now finding a solution is easy with The Ultimate SMART Board Troubleshooting Guide. Available free for download, our new … Read more

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The Flipped Classroom – You’ve Started Flipping. Now What???

You’ve Started Your Flipped Classroom, Now What???

About a month ago, we posted the first of our guest blog series regarding how to flip your classroom. Particularly, we discussed how to use tools to create videos, find a hosting site for them, and post content to a discussion forum, but what we didn’t have time … Read more

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New Accessibility Features in iOS 8

With the roll-out of the new iOS 8, Apple has added three features to enhance accessibility. Naturally, these changes have excellent applications in the classroom for all students. Today we’ll take a look at the changes made to Guided Access, Zoom, and Speak Screen.

Guided Access Timer and Keyboard Access

We recommend guided access frequently … Read more

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Timely Tutor

Timely Tutor

Have you ever worried about all the fun apps available to kids with iPhones becoming a distraction, or wished that you could interrupt your student’s game of Angry Birds with something more educational? Well, wish no more. Timely Tutor, a recent app developed by the company of the same name, is designed to help teachers … Read more

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Download the November Calendar for Teq Online PD

Talk about things to be grateful for this November! Packed with 23 awesome courses (including 2 FREE courses going live on November 3rd), this month is one not to miss!

Download our November calendar, and click here if you’d like to learn more about our Teq Online PD offerings.

Don’t have a … Read more

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Top 5 Windows Key Codes To Know

Have you ever created an exam or worksheet for your students that required the use of symbols like division signs or accent marks? Where do you find the symbol that you need, and how do you get it on your page?! Well, key codes on your Windows computer can help make this task a lot … Read more

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Intro to LightSail

LightSail is an adaptive literacy platform that brings reading instruction into the modern era. Built by teachers, LightSail motivates students to enjoy the reading experience and take responsibility over their learning, while simultaneously fostering close, careful reading skills. Win win win!

What makes LightSail special?

Equipped with over 80,000 eBooks, LightSail allows each individual student … Read more

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Mobile Assessment

Choosing a Mobile Assessment Platform

We at Teq are huge fans of classrooms using mobile assessment instead of paper tests and quizzes—they increase engagement, allow for students to receive feedback when they need it, and best of all, saves teachers the time they would have used grading papers and generating data!  With this in mind, many companies have come up … Read more

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