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Google Updates Maps and Earth Apps

Look who just got a makeover!

Google Maps and Google Earth now contain sharper and more detailed images because of its updated applications from NASA’s Landsat 8 Satellite company. The last time imagery was updated was in 2013. At that time, Google was using photographs captured by a less capable Landsat 7 satellite which experienced … Read more

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Free Summer PD & BBQ Catered by US for YOU!

Here at Teq, we all know well that teachers deserve the much needed rest and relaxation that comes along with summer vacation. We hope you enjoy every minute of it, fellow educators! But we also understand that many teachers and administrators like to use this free time to brush up on their instructional skills in … Read more

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June Course Preview

June Course Preview
Join us in June for more great content from Teq Online PD! We’re offering afternoon sessions, so when it’s too hot to bare outside, come cool down inside and watch some live sessions! This month, we’ll focus on some Google and SMART tools as well as some interesting features of Adobe and … Read more

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Technology and the Socially Conscious Classroom

We at Teq have talked about Good Digital Citizenship many times in the past. This phrase usually encompasses questions of safety, of ethics, and of what is and is not acceptable behavior for students and teachers alike.

However, there is one other way this phrase can be viewed that has not been touched on in … Read more

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All About Pepper

We’ve talked about the NAO Robot a lot on this blog lately. Its applications in programming, special education, and teaching students crucial STEM topics that help prepare students for future careers makes this product by Aldebaran one of our favorites. However, NAO is not the only robot produced by French-Japanese company, and today we’d like to … Read more

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A Short Teacher’s Guide to Programming Languages

In December of 2014, this blog featured a post designed to help teachers develop a programming course to get their students coding–even if they weren’t programmers themselves.

The next logical step in teaching programming is to teach students a programming language. Like any other language–English, Spanish, French–programming languages have their own vocabulary and grammar (although … Read more

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Technology for the Tired Teacher

Hello teachers!

As the midwinter break approaches, we’d like to congratulate all teachers—new and experienced alike—on their commitment over the last school year. We know how hard you’re all working to improve the minds and lives of your students, and we want you to know that as your supporters, we appreciate you greatly.

We also … Read more

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Aldebaran’s Community Update

Attention NAO fans! We interrupt your programming to bring you an important announcement.

Aldebaran has recently announced that on February 15th, they will be shutting down their current version of their Community website. Many of you who work with the NAO Robot may be familiar with this site as the host of the App Store, … Read more

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Office Lens

Here at Teq we’ve used a lot of Microsoft applications. That in and of itself isn’t surprising–Microsoft Word and Powerpoint are two of the most popular and enduring pieces of software in the American classroom, and OneDrive is one of the better examples of seamless cloud-based storage available. As an educator, I’ve found myself returning … Read more

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Better Learning through Augmented Reality

Could your classroom’s reality use a boost? As weird as that can sound, it’s entirely possible to do so with a neat little trick commonly known as augmented reality.

The term augmented reality (AR for short) refers to any program or application that can take an element of the real world, analyze it, and then … Read more

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