SMART Board Tips: Cleaning the SMART Board

Before we get into today’s sketch, I would like to note that traffic to this site has been way up the last few days. Numerous individuals provided positive feedback on Your AirLiner and You. Thanks to everyone who commented or emailed their comments.

A lot of people ask us at trainings, “How do I clean the SMART Board?” Today we decided to give some tips to everyone on this subject.

  1. Expo spray that is normally used for dry-erase boards works well. Windex and similar products are also recommended.
  2. Straight from SMART Technologies: Do not use “abrasive household cleaning products such as Mr. Clean Magic EraserTM Products or Mr. Clean® Wipes.”
  3. Do not spray cleaning agents on the board itself. Instead, spray onto a cloth or paper towel and then wipe the board down. This way, you won’t have to worry about liquids in the pen tray.
  4. Fantastic also works well.
  5. This again comes straight from SMART: “If your SMART Board 500 series interactive whiteboard has an OptiProTM surface, don’t use dry-erase markers. If you have an OptiPro surface, an OptiPro label appears in the center bottom frame of your SMART Board interactive whiteboard.”
  6. For 500 and 600 series SMART Boards that do not have the OptiPro surface, only use standard or high-odor dry erase markers. The worse it smells, the easier it is to clean. If only it worked like that for dogs.

Do you have any cleaning tips or questions?

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2 Responses to SMART Board Tips: Cleaning the SMART Board

  1. Carman says:

    How do you clean red ink pen off of a plastic-based Smart Board? I was told I could not get it wet.

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