Tools to Set Up an Engaging SMART Board Classroom

As you may know, Tequipment trains teachers how to use the SMART Board and Notebook software. But did you know that, besides having courses for teachers, we offer courses for administrators, too.

Administrator Track sessions helps identify and analyze not just the teachers’ lessons with the SMART Board, but the students’ engagement in those lessons.

One part of the Administrator Track is Planning and Designing Engaging Learning Environments and Experiences. This session focuses on the experiences of the student and their environment.

To help teachers create a more engaging environment, we provide a list of websites for classroom design. This can help teachers find the best arrangement for their desks to maximize the students’ exposure to the SMART Board.

Here are some examples (These sites may not specifically use a SMART Board as an item, but you can use a blackboard or movable dry-erase board in its place):

Let us know if you know of any other great tools to help out teachers and their students in finding the best way of setting-up the classroom.

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5 Responses to Tools to Set Up an Engaging SMART Board Classroom

  1. wellington maravanyika says:

    Can someone there assist me on how to setup a smart classroom with the following equipment.
    a projector mounted in the ceillin
    DVD player
    VCR player
    cables for laptops

    the built in computer supports CD’s and USB drives

  2. joann penkava says:

    UsB cable from whiteboard to teacher’s laptop needs to be much longer.
    Students in my science classes step on wire because it is TOOOOOO short. It has resulted in having to purchase new speakers for whiteboard since the internal part of speaker where USb cable was attached broke – very expensive and of course one speaker could not be purchased because it is sold as a set. Very – Very expensive. Now I am in search of a USB cable – around 66 feet long before school begins.

  3. B Hartman says:

    Also take into consideration the HEIGHT the board is mounted. It is best to center the vertical height at that of the chalkboard. Then you can lower to allow younger students access, or raise up above the current chalkboard to use like a projector/increase visability to students in the back of the room.

    Unfortunately, the board in my classroom is mounted so that my old chalkboard is at the SmartBoards Maximum height, and the board lowers to 16″ from touching the floor, not very practical for middle school students.

  4. Deb Pierson says:

    As a professional installer of SMARTBoards, one recommendation I would make is that teachers (and their IT support staff) consider the cables required between the teacher’s PC or laptop and the SMARTBoard or Interactive Whiteboard. Also, if the projector is not mounted, the cable from the projector the teacher’s station is also a consideration. We recommend teacher’s PCs to the right or left of the board within the 16′ standard USB length in order to reduce costs. These are difficult decisions, as teacher’s often prefer their work desks to be in the rear of the classroom. Laptops are obviously more mobile and can be moved to the front of the classroom to use the SMARTBoard, and then to the desk for administrative and planning purposes. …deb

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