OE-CAKE Physics Simulator

OE-CAKE acts as a physics-based paint program. Users can insert objects and see them interact under the laws of physics. It has an advanced fluid simulator with support for things such as gases, rigid objects, and even elastic materials. With the escape-codes, users can also mix the properties of elements together. You can even add your own pictures to the simulation!!!

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Download OE-CAKE for the Mac here and download it for the PC here.

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13 Responses to OE-CAKE Physics Simulator

  1. SomeOne says:

    It doesnt work anymore :(
    Please some give me a link, so i can play this game :D Looks very cool.
    Thank you very much!

  2. OE Cake provides students with countless scenarios for combining materials, while keeping their physical properties intact during the interaction. This provides students with a safe hands-on experience.

    Watch kids use this program and you can see the light bulbs going on in their heads.

  3. Hey Matt,

    FYI, OE-Cake is no more – the file you linked to has a version that has expired. The good news is OE-Cake lives on in a new program called PHYZIOS STUDIO – details here:


    The interface is changed somewhat but it’s still the same OE-Cake underneath – amazing fun, engaging learning!

    Hope this helps!


    Kevin Jarrett
    Technology Facilitator, K-4 | District Webmaster
    Northfield Community School | Northfield, NJ USA
    Google Voice: 609.910.3362 | Twitter: @kjarrett


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  6. Toni says:

    I cannot get the OE-CAKE Physics Simulation to open for my XP system. It downloads, but it isn’t evident which of the many files to open to continue. The PDF file never opens – the title of the file appears to be in another language. Can you help me figure out how to use this?

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  9. carolteach4 says:

    The kids have been playing with Powder Toy. They are absolutely going to love this. I can’t wait to download it at school next week and let them play. I also intend to share it with our 8th grade science teachers.

  10. Carol Findlay says:

    Love it. Can’t wait to share with my teachers!

  11. This is fantastic. I’ve shared it with so many teachers and engineers. Thank you so much for sharing this fantastic application!