The Page Is Alive with the Sound of Music…

One of the most requested features that teachers want in SMART Notebook is the ability to play sound automatically when a page is entered.

Only MP3 sounds can play within Notebook when embedded onto an object.  MP3’s can only play/pause and restart when you leave and re-enter a page. If  a teacher wanted the sound to play again, he or she would have to either wait for the sound to end or leave the page and return, then click on the object again.

Flash files (either FLV or SWF) are the only type of files that play when a page is entered.  So, if you want sound to play automatically when entering page, what kind of audio file would you like?

You guessed it, an FLV or SWF file.  The subtle difference between the two is that the FLV version has a controller bar to stop/play/rewind/fast-forward, and to drag the timer to any part of the file and the SWF does not have the controller bar. Another bonus to using Flash here is that MP3 sounds cannot be controlled, only paused.

But there are free audio converters out there that will allow you to create FLV and SWF files,  such as  Sofonica, and Format Factory.

In the two videos below, we use Format Factory to convert a sound into an FLV file and a SWF file.

Converting to an FLV

Converting to an SWF

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5 Responses to The Page Is Alive with the Sound of Music…

  1. Matthew says:

    Hey Sunnyside! Sorry to hear of your troubles, but to better understand your issue, which software did you purchase/upgrade? Yet, with many of these coverter software, in order to have a sound file be able to convert, the program may not find it in the first place. When searching/browsing for the sound file, you may need to tell it to search “all files,” the program may be looking for video files (mpg, avi, asf, mov, etc) instead.

  2. sunnyside says:

    I bought an upgrade to flash convertr & still cannot convert a sound file (mp3) to swf or flv. HELP!!!

  3. NCohen says:

    I attended the Perfect Harmony session Music and the Smart Board class over the summer and one of the presenters, either Brian or Matt mentioned about this. This is a great way of helping us Music teachers. Thank you.

  4. Martin says:

    Finally…someone has the answer to one of my concerns about Notebook for the longest time. I have been looking for a very long time on the internet to see if SMART had a way of making sound work automatically and noone had a solution until now. Thanks, I can’t wait to try it out.

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