NYS Exams for Science Teachers

You can get all of the old NYS science exams on your SMART Board to help your students prepare by downloading Notebook files from the Teq Educator Resource Center. The eighth grade tests from 2001 through 2008 have been updated with new images, answers and tags to be used in conjunction with SMART Response. You can find them in the SMART Response section of the Downloads page.

Don’t worry if you don’t have SMART Response, you can still download the files and use them on your SMART Board. If you have SMART Response, you can easily start the assessments and have students enter their numerical answers. If you have students sign in with their unique ID, each student’s answers will be recorded. Each question is tagged with the performance indicators and other key ideas or major understandings that relate to the question. The tags will allow you to quickly analyze data and recognize areas of deficiency-in-understanding. Good luck to you and your students.

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