Keeping it in Perspective: Manipulating a Graph with Math Tools

One of the great features of SMART Notebook Math Tools is being able to dynamically graph functions. When you connect a function to a graph, Notebook Math Tools calculates and changes the window dimensions to view all of the picture. It acts very similar to the Zoom-Fit feature on some graphing calculators. However, sometimes you may want to specify the window dimensions for the graph. Watch the video for a step-by-step guide on adjusting your graphs.

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2 Responses to Keeping it in Perspective: Manipulating a Graph with Math Tools

  1. Matt Ringh says:

    Matt – SMART Notebook Math Tools, currently in it’s first release, is imperfect.  SMART is exceptionally responsive  to customer feedback such as yours, and I’m certain that you’ll see these features, and fixes, included in future service packs.  Within the ‘Help’ menu in Notebook, you can access both the Customer experience Program, and periodically check for future updates to Notebook Math Tools.
    The add-ons inability to graph the function y=b, which you mentioned in your comment, is among it’s failings.  As for non-functions, such as the x=0 that you mentioned, many math programs will not allow you to graph these relations in the typical way.  Think of how you’d have to graph x=3 on a Ti Graphing Calculator for example. However, there are always “work-arounds” similar to what David showed in the Blog post.  
    When you say “many of the [functions] that teachers want a software  to quickly demonstrate in graphing cannot be recognized”, what exactly do you mean?  Are you referring again to y=b?  SMART Notebook Math allows you to graph linear, quadratic, cubic, hyperbolic, and trig functions, among others.  Additionally, you can graph ellipses.  Are you bemoaning the fact that the software doesn’t always “Recognize Math Ink” when you write these functions out? Let us know what you’re having trouble graphing/recognizing (perhaps absolute value?), and we’ll try to get you an answer.  The “Recognize Math Ink” engine is essentially the same you’d find in Math Type 6, and I don’t know of a program that does it better than Notbook Math Tools.
    Certainly there are programs which perform certain functions better than the current release of Notebook Math Tools, but Notebook Math Tools does many things that no other software can.  Among the unique features of Notebook Math Tools, which we feel make it a valuable tool in any math classroom, are “Recognize Graph Table Content”, “Dynamic Graphing”, “Shape Division”, “Graph Wizard”, “Reflect Shape”, “Recognize Math Ink”, and “Shape Manipulation”.  Also consider the utilitarian features Notebook Math Tools adds such as; links to Ti-Emulators, Measurement Tools to the Toolbar, and an equation editor tool which is compatible with Math Type and Equation Editor.  All this, and (since it’s an Add-on to Notebook), you can pick up a pen at any moment without having to deal with the Digital Ink Layer (like you may have to in Programs such as Sketchpad, Cabri, Geogebra, etc).
    I don’t know where you’re writing from, but the pricing I’m familiar with includes options which would cost a School about 1/2 of the $200 price you mentioned.  I will let one of my colleagues in sales respond with more information.  Perhaps also related to where you’re writing from is the availabilty of trainers who are experienced Math and Science teachers.  We (Tequipment) have 4 New York Certified (K-12) Math Teachers on Staff.
    Matt, we’re going to put together some more videos highlighting the unique features of NB Math Tools, along with features of some of our other favorites (Sketchpad, etc.) so please keep reading and commenting.
    Matt Ringh

  2. Matt E Matics says:

    This is probably the worst math software(plugin) I’ve encountered for teaching.

    First, this is not worth the extra $200. When do you have to pay that much for a PLUGIN when it is not intuitive and can’t perform basic tasks that teachers want?

    Try graphing a straight line like x=0 or y=0 or getting the graph to generate the slope of a line.

    Many of the equations that teachers want a software to quickly demonstrate in graphing cannot be recognized with this PLUGIN. Watching this video shows you that even for basic graphing it requires so many steps in the software and only if you are familar with the applications you can do it with ease.

    This leads me to the next issue. It requires a great deal of learning how the PLUGIN works and the resources available is not helpful for most graphing lessons teachers want to create.

    SMART is however quick to charge more money for you to learn the UI by trainers who are not (math/science) teachers nor able to understand how to demonstrate math concepts. I don’t beleive SMART ubderstands what teachers need in a software but looking at ways to make more money due to the demanding need for ICT in schools.