Free Teq Webinars

Thanks to everyone who participated in today’s webinar: 5 Coolest Things You Can Do On a SMART Board. We’d love to get your feedback, and hear your suggestions for future topics. Be sure to register for our free webinars coming up in March: Informal Assessments with SMART Response PE on Thursday, March 17 and SMART Boards and Web 2.0 on Thursday, March 31.

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2 Responses to Free Teq Webinars

  1. Susan Mahood says:

    I was unable to attend yesterday’s webinar on the 5 Coolest Things. Will it be available on your website in the near future? I would love to view it.

    Thank you!

  2. Tiffiney Weddle says:

    I thought this was really great! I have used some of these resources before, but I got some new ones too. The webinar was a bit choppy for me, but I managed. I guess being so far away (Naples, Italy) did not help in transmission time.