Drop it To me

DropBox is a great tool for saving your files in a place that will allow you to retrieve them from any computer or mobile device (check out our webinar on organizing your computer). Sharing files with your students is as easy as giving them a link to a file in your public DropBox folder. But, what if you want your students to be able to share their work with you from any computer? That’s where Drop it To me (DROPitTOme) comes in.

If you don’t already have a DropBox account you’ll need to start there.  Then, go to Drop it To me and follow the steps to create an account and link it to your DropBox account where a “DROPitTOme” folder will be created. Set up a username and password and you’re given a unique URL. Share that URL and password with your students and they simply log in, choose the file they want to send from their computer, and press the Upload button. You’ll receive an email to notify you as soon as a file is uploaded.  Now, the files that students have shared with you will be accessible from any computer with an internet connection or from your mobile device if you’re on the go.  And, just in case you’re wondering,  you can turn off and/or change the password if you find it is being abused.

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