iBooks Author in the Classroom

A few weeks ago, Apple released free software for creating iBooks. The program allows users to create interactive books in an interface that will seem familiar to those who have used either Keynote or Pages.

Anyone can create great looking books. While a lot of the focus has been on textbook creation, iBooks Author can be used by students as well. We’ve created a few examples of what students might do as class projects. There’s a look at Cells, Orwell’s Animal Farm, and Boston and its role in American History.

Student created books fall under the writing strand of the Common Core ELA Standards.  It’s standard W.X.6, which generally states “use technology to produce and publish writing” and varies only slightly by grade level.  A project whose goal is to produce a published book would cover more than a few of the “production and distribution of writing” standards.

How do you see students using iBooks Author in your classrooms?

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2 Responses to iBooks Author in the Classroom

  1. Diana says:

    Are these examples suppose to contain images?

    • Drew says:

      Hi Diana,

      Yes, the books all contain images, and text. Are you able to open the books in iBooks?