Teaching “The Hunger Games”

If you are having difficulty getting your students to read a novel, The Hunger Games may be the answer.  The Hunger Games has elements of survival, with young adults at the center of the novel’s conflict. Their triumphs — without the assistance of adults — makes this book very engaging for both boys and girls of middle school age and older.

Shelleen Elsbree, one of our Teq-Certified SMART Board Users, has made an interactive Hunger Games SMART Notebook lesson. The Hunger Games Notebook file, which is aligned to the Common Core Standards, contains interactive activities on vocabulary, symbolism, and the book’s characters.  The lesson is complete with a differentiated writing assignment, where students will choose one of four essay topics and write a five paragraph essay.

Click here to download the Hunger Games SMART Notebook Lesson.

(ELA Common Core Standards for Hunger Games Lesson)

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  1. Steve Poppe says:

    Great post Steve. Sounds like a great lesson.