Math by Vi Hart at Khan Academy

Vi HartCheck out Vi Hart. She recently joined the Khan Academy team, and continues to make high quality pieces. These are pretty incredible videos on a variety of math topics, in quite the entertaining way. I’m particularly fond of Binary Hand Dance, Infinity Elephants, Pi is (still) wrong, and the Doodling series.

For a lot of students in math classes, the question often becomes, “Why does this matter to me?” Other than the obvious answer (it’s math!), sometimes we might struggle to make legitimate connections to real-world examples (hello Common Core).

If you’ve not yet heard of Khan Academy, you might want to check them out. Just this past weekend they were featured on 60 Minutes. They’ve also been profiled by CNN, John Stossel, and Tom Brokaw. The videos on the site are easy to watch, and for many math topics there are practice problem sets.

Looking for something spirally to use in your class? What’s your favorite Vi Hart video?

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One Response to Math by Vi Hart at Khan Academy

  1. jen says:

    Math is fun! If we think Math is easy, then it will be easy.
    Mind over matter…