Top 16 iPad Apps for Education

Our team of instructional technology specialists has assembled their list of the Top iPad Apps for Education eBook. Inside you’ll find overviews of 16 apps they’ve found teachers using in their classrooms, and their own personal favorites, including Evernote, Skitch, Edmodo, and Three Ring.

What apps are you using in the classroom? Did we leave anything off the list?

Please fill out the form below for the download link. And check out our Evernote in the Classroom webinar on October 3!

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6 Responses to Top 16 iPad Apps for Education

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  2. Monica Burns says:

    Great resources!
    Check out my blog to learn about how I use technology (and iPads!) in the classroom.

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  4. Rich says:

    Check out the Teacher’s Wire app. It allows teachers to take photos of their students’ learning in action or of students’ work, attach a learning objective that has been previously entered into the application and then email the information to the child’s parents.
 Here is a short 30 second video-

  5. Mike Byster says:

    As an educator, I believe it is very important to teach material that is important for the future of the students. When inventing my math and memory system Brainetics (, I wanted to focus on new subjects and innovative methods to teach. By teaching for the 21st century, students will be more prepared in the future. It seems like so many aspects of today’s society centers around the digital environment and teaching should be altered to adapt.

    Great article,

    Mike Byster
    Inventor of Brainetics, Educator, Author of Genius, Mathematician

  6. Hello!
    I have promoted Apps With Curriculum this past year and have seen so much interest from educators regarding app developers providing curriculum for their apps. With the promotion in education of 21st Century skills and the need for Common Core aligned curriculum, technology in the classroom (apps) is the perfect place to begin.
    I create curriculum for app developers and will soon be opening an app store that includes apps that have CCSS-aligned curriculum. In the curriculum that I design, I often use the following apps as part of the instruction: Educreations, iBrainstorm, Simple Minds +, Scribble Press..and so many more. Great technological hands on apps for projects! (
    Great job,!
    Cyndie Sebourn
    National Board Certified Teacher
    “Smarty Britches: Nouns” Author/Developer
    Facebook: Apps With Curriculum