Guided Access in the New iOS 6

With Apple’s most recent iOS update, there is one new feature that we think teachers will find very useful: Guided Access.

From the perspective of a Special Education teacher, limiting distractions while working on an iOS device is a necessity. In previous versions of iOS, you could easily quit working in an app simply by pressing the Home button. Students understand this functionality well and can quickly become engaged in an activity other than what the teacher had intended.  Guided Access iOS 6 will allow teachers to minimize distractions, keeping students engage in working with an app until they’re ready to wrap up the lesson.

Found in the General Settings under Accessibility, enabling Guided Access allows the teacher to disable the Home Button, locking the student into the app until a preset passcode is used to escape.

The video below will demonstrate how to use the Guided Access feature.

How would using Guided Access benefit the students you work with?

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