PowerPoint and SMART Notebook 11

If you’ve upgraded to SMART Notebook 11 and have experienced issues using PowerPoint, you are not alone.  In the past, users have been able to easily annotate on top of PowerPoint slides and even tap (or double-tap) your finger on the SMART Board to advance slides.  However, with the latest Notebook update, these features are not immediately available.

While we encourage the use of software like SMART Notebook to both present and interact with lesson content, we understand that educators may have teaching materials already saved in PowerPoint. Our first recommendation would be to convert your PowerPoint presentations to SMART Notebook using the import utility, located in Notebook’s File menu. Conversely, if you still prefer PowerPoint, here are a few quick steps to install the new SMART Ink plugin that will allow you to annotate on your PowerPoint slides.

For Windows 7

STEP 1: Select Start > Control Panel > Programs and Features

STEP 2: Select SMART Ink from the list, and then click Repair

For Windows XP

STEP 1: Select Start > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs

STEP 2: Select SMART Ink from the list, and then Click here for support information.

STEP 3: Click Repair

After performing the steps above, you’ll need to re-start SMART Ink by selecting Start > All Programs > SMART Technologies > SMART Ink

The next time you open PowerPoint and play your slideshow, you should see the following toolbar and you will be able to pick up a pen tool and annotate on your slides, as well as perform other PowerPoint functions. Note that the “tap-to-advance” feature is no longer available.

For more assistance with this solution, check out this printable reference guide , or email us at training@teq.com.

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3 Responses to PowerPoint and SMART Notebook 11

  1. Sosborne says:

    A work around that might help the issue is to use the transparency layer in Smart Notebook. Open a new Notebook file, then under view, choose transparency layer. Your PowerPoint is open under your notebook file and you are able to write on slides, no problem! Hope this helps!

  2. Kevin Smith says:

    Hi Tim,
    This didn’t work for me or for anyone in my department. I have XP and Notebook 11. I also can’t import powerpoint slides into notebook. It imports the first 10 slides and then a set of blanks pages for the slides it didn’t import. Any suggestions?


  3. Abe Noda says:

    Hello Tim Hodkinson,
    Very interesting, I am looking to buy this laptop for school and my professors will often draw on the PowerPoint presentation with the smart boards that are installed in the classrooms. I am just wanting to know if this laptop will allow me to draw on the PowerPoint documents the same way. For example, we are looking at a slide of the heart in anatomy class and studying the flow of blood. The professor draws arrows on the heart showing which direction the blood is flowing. He also makes notes to the side about the different chambers and vessels. I don’t want to print out the slides in order to draw on them, and I don’t want to try and recreate the drawing in a notebook, because I am not a very good artist. Will this laptop allow me to draw just like my professor does, directly on the document? Will it allow me to save the document with the drawings on it? I know that is something that the smart boards at school do not do.
    I’ll be back to read more next time