SMART Notebook App for the iPad

Ever since the schools began integrating iPads into the classroom, teachers using SMART Notebook have been looking for a way to bring their interactive files to the device. SMART recently released a SMART Notebook app, and here’s what we’ve found:

Smart Notebook for iPad

  • Open Notebook files from DropBox, a web browser, Google Docs, Edmodo, or email. Keep in mind that some features may not transfer, such as Flash objects (.flv movies, .swf interactive files), Widgets, Activity Builder, and Creative Pen ink.
  • Write with a pen, erase, type text, and import images from the Camera Roll.
    • To change the text properties, choose the select tool (arrow), tap on the text, and look for the properties in the upper right corner
    • To adjust the pen, eraser sizes, or color, press and hold on the button until the list appears
  • Move objects that are not locked
  • Create and drag infinitely cloned objects (press and hold on object to get options)
  • Grouped objects import as grouped and cannot be ungrouped while in the app.
  • Link to webpages and pages within the Notebook file
  • Embed sounds by recording directly into an object. Press and hold to see a list of options.
  • Launch and pause sounds by tapping on objects
  • Use any bucket sort-type of activity
  • Simple erasing, such as erase to reveal works, but not a circle-then-tap
  • Add and delete pages

With these features in mind, how do you anticipate using the SMART Notebook app with your students?

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One Response to SMART Notebook App for the iPad

  1. Monica Burns says:

    I love the SMARTBoard and I’m excited to start using this app with my students!
    Check out my blog to learn about how I use technology (and iPads!) in the classroom.