Promote Literacy with Skratch Publishing

Skratch Publishing is a site that seeks to promote literacy for children. Best of all, it’s completely free for teachers and students.

Skratch is an engaging interactive site where students can add the books they have read and complete a short book report. The book report prompts students to identify favorite characters, new vocabulary, their ease of reading, and encourages making connections to other books they’ve read. Teachers can set up usernames and passwords for up to 50 students, and will be able to track their progress. The site gives awards for different levels of progress and issues a report card for teachers and parents to see. Other features of the site include book recommendations, a blog, and parent forums.

This site is a great way to integrate the reading and writing portions of the Common Core Standards. So, sign up and get reading!

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One Response to Promote Literacy with Skratch Publishing

  1. Jill Feldman says:

    Looking forward to using this website!