Search 365,000 TV News Broadcasts

The Internet Archive is a library of archived PDF’s, audio tracks, videos, articles, and website — anything that exists in digital format. For example, using the Archive’s Wayback Machine, a teacher could bring students to The New York Times website as it appeared on a date in (recent) history. Students could use this research tool to see what articles were in the news at that time.

A new feature, TV News, allows you to search and watch television news broadcasts since 2009. Teachers now have the ability to search video coverage on any topic, broken down by date, time of programming, and even network. A teacher or student can narrow down their search, locating specific broadcasts, like, “Technology in the classroom, 6pm news, MSNBC.”

Watch the accompanying video to see how the TV News database works. Comment below and let us know how you use this resource in your classroom.

This is an excellent feature for locating primary and secondary sources, allowing students to uncover the most relevant research when doing projects on current events. This is also a great way to see how different news programs cover similar events. Especially with the upcoming elections in the United States, there’s a ton of news footage covering the campaigns, which could easily be integrated into a Social Studies lesson or current events discussion.

This website works in any browser, and is easily viewed on an iPad, or other web-enabled device. It even includes Spanish-language networks, which could be used to immerse students learning Spanish.

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One Response to Search 365,000 TV News Broadcasts

  1. Roger says:

    Great introduction to the TV News Search and Borrow service. At some point, you may want to consider demoing the faceted search features, “more search options” and how users can click the “more/borrow” buttons on the search results to find opportunities to drill down further into a program, create a sharable link to specific 30-second clips and discover opportunities to visit content creator sites and borrow whole programs though the Archive’s TV news library loaning service.