Common Core Learning with LearnZillion

Many teachers are working to find Common Core-aligned content that provides their students with materials to help them learn and review.  LearnZillion is a free site that provides Common Core-aligned video lessons for Math and ELA grades 3-9.

When you visit the LearnZillion site, you can choose either Math or ELA then search by topic, grade level, strand and standard to see what’s available.  You can also search by clicking on Common Core at the top of the homepage, choose a grade level, then select the lessons that are listed under each strand.  The lessons can contain a number of videos.

If you like the idea of using these videos or providing students with a link to a video to review, then you might want to sign up for a free account. With a free account, you can set up a class then have your students enroll in your class using an enrollment code (no email required).

In your teacher account, you can now create a playlist of videos that you want your students to review. (Note that this seems to only include math content at this time.) When you create a playlist, you’ll be able to designate a due date, decide who will be able to view the playlist (all students, no students or individual students), and you can also check the Auto Assign box so that, if you’ve assigned the playlist to all students, any new students will automatically have access.

When a student views a playlist, they’ll see all the videos listed on the left side of the page.  After viewing the Lesson video, they can switch to the Practice video to continue applying what was learned.

As you explore videos, be sure to scroll down on the page to find a letter that you can send home to parents as well as lesson slides that you can use to help you in planning your lessons.

Have you used LearnZillion? What do you use the most/like the best about this service?



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2 Responses to Common Core Learning with LearnZillion

  1. I have used learnzillion and also downloaded templates for ELA and Math. Their tutorials are always interesting adding different aspects to the subject.

  2. Monica Burns says:

    This site looks fantastic – I’m always looking for more Common Core resources! Check out my blog all about using iPads (with the CC) in my NYC classroom: