New Features in iBooks Author 2.0

iBooks Author 2.0 was released at the end of October with several new features. When you open iBooks Author the first thing you’ll notice are the new templates. Some of these templates are portrait only. This is a nice new addition, because you saves you from having to design your book for both portrait and landscape formats.

There are two new widgets in this version of the software: Scrolling Sidebars and Pop-Overs. Now you can insert a text box with a scroll bar, so the text stays on one page with the other content, rather than overflowing onto another page. With pop-overs you can have a message box appear when the reader taps an image.

Another addition is the ability to type properly formatted mathematical equations. iBooks Author has a built in equation editor that supports LaTeX and MathML. Click here for examples on how to type in LaTeX or MathML from  Apple’s support documentation.

To see a short iBook we’ve assembled with these features, visit this blog post on your iPad, and open this link in iBooks.

Some of the other features in iBooks Author 2.0 are:

  • Embedding custom fonts
  • Automatic optimization of media for the iPad
  • Improved support for embedded audio, including the ability to play an audio file by tapping an image
  • Improved publishing workflow, including automatic sample book creation and pre-publish checking
  • Version numbering for books
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  1. Monica Burns says:

    I love using iBooks Author in my classroom! Get your students involved in creating their own interactive textbooks:

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