Meet Teq’s Newest Learning Partner: NAO

Teq instructional technologists recently concluded their first round of training on Teq’s newest product offering, NAO  an academic robot that promises to be an exciting new learning tool in the classroom.

NAO (pronounced “now”), 23 inches tall, will help schools address the critical shortage of STEM professionals especially in the fields of engineering and computer science. It features a sensor network that includes two cameras, four microphones and pressure sensors, as well as a voice synthesizer and two speakers. Applications in schools are exponential and not just limited to science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) lessons.

NAO robot

“With NAO, we have an exciting opportunity to revise attitudes toward error — a vital element of effective problem solving,” said Teq’s Chief Learning officer Joe Dixon. “Today’s classrooms and tomorrow’s jobs require fluid intelligence, i.e. the ability to operate within exigent conditions, with diverse teams of people, creating multiple paths toward solutions, and the necessary existence of error. Using NAO in the classroom becomes a catalyst for our teachers to promote collaboration, trial and error, and indirect paths toward solutions. It defines a new culture of schooling and builds powerful new mindsets for our students.”

The robot and the eventual curriculums built to support it fit uniquely into Teq’s goal of helping administrators and teachers create pathways for rigorous learning, student achievement, college readiness, and success in a global economy.

“We couldn’t be more excited about our partnership with Aldebaran Robotics.” said Chief Executive Officer Damian Scarfo. “The NAO robot fits perfectly into our mission to champion the continued evolution of the modern classroom and to further enable outstanding student achievement.”

We think NAO is excited, too.

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