4 Ways SAFARI Montage Supports Common Core

SAFARI MontageThe Common Core State Standards offer educators an opportunity to rethink and refocus the ways in which they facilitate learning in and out of the classroom. Schools and districts using SAFARI Montage can leverage the platform in several ways to support and deepen the implementation of the Common Core.

  1. Access to high quality content that directly supports the Standards. Content that bolsters new academic vocabulary, increased levels of rigor, and adaptable to enable true personalization of instruction. Content available on the platform is correlated to the most recent state standards, and it’s easy to align any user-created content that gets uploaded. CCSS are listed under each state.
  2. Rich formative and performance based assessment that call on creative problem solving and higher order thinking. Safari has an iPhone, iPad, and Android app that provide a student response solution which, along with its DCP, supports formative assessment questions for personalizing learning.
  3. Real-time interoperability between data systems. SAFARI conforms to the IMS Global Learning Tools Interoperability version 1.0 certification – the standard for passing information like grades across multiple systems. So if your school is using a learning management system like Desire2Learn, Moodle, or Blackboard, lessons can be imported into SAFARI. You will soon be able to export data from SAFARI for use in instructional improvement systems.
  4. Sustained and collaborative professional development. SAFARI provides an ideal platform for live and asynchronous professional development content. A digital platform for delivering professional development can be more cost effective, it’s interactive, and can be provided to teachers at any location.

 What platform(s) does your school/district use to support the Common Core Standards?

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