Common Core: Check!

The adoption of the new Common Core Standards might have you feeling the need for some order! If you’re feeling overwhelmed about covering the standards, check out the resources at The Curriculum Corner.

This site has checklists for each gradecurriculum corner level that breaks down every strand of the standards. These checklists will help you keep track of what you covered.  There are also student checklists under the Classroom Management tab to document student progress.

Although this site refers to them as “checklists,” as teachers, we’re not only concerned with adequate coverage of content, but also with the progress that students are making toward attaining the learning goals within the Standards. A simple rubric or notes as an addendum to the checklists could help to improve the data you gather as you assess the learning.

In addition to the skill checklists, there are downloadable activities to help you reach your instructional goals. For example, a booklet to help students organize information while reading non-fiction texts. So, check the Common Core off your to-do-list today!

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