Day of Pi

Pi is an extremely interesting number, and the day to celebrate it is 3/14. The continuing pop culture references to Pi are evidence of the love people have for Math, and Math’s most widely known constant. Author of the Life of Pi, Yann Martel, said this of his choice of the name “Pi” for the novel’s protagonist: “I chose the name Pi because it’s an irrational number… Yet scientists use this irrational number to come to a ‘rational’ understanding of the universe. To me, religion is a bit like that, ‘irrational’ yet with it we come together, we come to a sound understanding of the universe.”

For those looking to celebrate the Pi Day with some fun math activities, we hope you enjoy this downloadable Notebook file. The video below describes how each page may be used.

Happy Pi Day!

Download the SMART Notebook file

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2 Responses to Day of Pi

  1. teresa says:

    The notebook from the link does not appear to be the same notebook that is described in the video. Is there another link?