Finding the Area of Geometric Shapes Using Google Earth

Google Earth is a great tool for teaching geography and Social Studies content, but it becomes apparent very quickly that the almost endless features lend themselves to other subject areas and interdisciplinary activities.

In a recent webinar, Google Earth Revisited, I covered a Common Core-based activity on finding the area of geometric shapes and irregular polygons using different States in the United States. Students can easily complete this activity on an Interactive White Board or computer.

Watch the excerpt from the webinar below to see how using the polygon and line tools students can estimate the area of different states like Colorado, Nevada, and Tennessee, and then look up the actual area to see how close their measurements are.

This puts a fun spin on using the formula for area of rectangles and triangles from the 8th strand of the Mathematics Common Core Standards. This skill can be used on other locations in Google Earth.

You can watch the entire Google Earth Revisited webinar or any of our webinars on Google Earth on our video page.

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