Teq Calendar Lessons for March

Teq Calendar for MarchThis month the Teqsplorers travel to the Hoover Dam to study hydroelectricity and to learn about the history of the location.  You can join the Teqsplorers and download interactive lessons on these topics for SMART Notebook, RM Easiteach, and ActivInspire from our Educator Resource Center.

Current in a Series Circuit, for middle school students is geared for the physics curriculum. It aims to help students understand Ohm’s law, specifically in a series circuit. We’ve included a link to Khan Academy’s site to have Sal explain the concept. At the end of the file are links to online assessment tools to gauge student comprehension. (Download: SMART NotebookActivInspire, and RM Easiteach)

The lesson Hoover Dam is designed for middle school students. Students will learn the basic beginnings of the creation of the Hoover Dam. Students will learn the basic Geographic features of the Hoover Dam area and the impacts of the Dam to the environment and the population of the surrounding towns. (Download: SMART NotebookActivInspire, and RM Easiteach)

Check back to see where the Teqsplorers are off to in April!

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