A Birthday Gift for William Shakespeare

shakespeareApril 23rd is the 449th birthday of William Shakespeare! Shakespeare’s works have made him one of the most studied, researched, and popular writers of the last thousand years. Some of his most well-known works are in form of an English Sonnet, which contains a specific rhyme scheme. (a,b,a,b,c,d,c,d,e,e)

In honor of William Shakespeare, I’ve created my own version of an English Sonnet to introduce you to a great resource on the web for accessing his works for use in your classroom.

Ode to Shakespeare’s Birthday

In celebration of Shakespeare’s Birthday
Teq has found a great resource for you.
A resource we use constantly that is here to stay.
A resource that will help you Differentiate Instruction, too.
If you use www.archive.org you may find
Endless resources far and wide.
“Won’t you tell us you ask and be so kind.”
“I will. This is a resource I am NOT trying to hide”
There is a place to download audio and text of William Shakespeare
Has his
complete works for all to download and hear!

Internet Archive is a site that we have mentioned in previous posts and webinars. By using the search function you can get the entire works of William Shakespeare in PDF format to use for individual or shared reading. In addition, you can listen to a Shakespearean trained actor reading a sonnet or play via the .mp3 format, helping to support auditory learners and providing an option for experiencing the text in a more powerful way. Simply search for William Shakespeare or more specifically by sonnet number or play title to find the specific work that you are covering in your class.

Happy Birthday Bill Shakespeare! We’re looking forward to your 450th birthday next year.

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