Dude, Where’s My Floating Toolbar?

Are you working on your Mac trying to locate your SMART Board’s Floating Toolbar but have reason to believe it may have gone AWOL? Have no fear, Teq has recently learned of the miraculous way to lure it back to your desktop. It only takes a couple of minutes, and will save you a couple of hours of frustration. Simply follow these five steps and you’ll be on your way to screen capturing annotated web pages in no time!

  1. Quit out of SMART Notebook and the SMART Tools entirely.
  2. From your main Mac desktop, choose “Go” from the top of the screen.
  3. Choose “Go to Folder…” from the drop-down menu and type in ~/Library (that little tilde squiggly symbol, front slash, capital L) and then click “Go.”
  4. Open the following folders in this order… “Application Support” then “SMART Technologies” then “SMART Board Drivers,” and delete all .xml files within that folder.
  5. Open the Finder and then the Applications folder, locate and open SMART Tools… Voila! Look who’s back!

*Below are some visual aids to support the process:

SMART Floating Tools: Select Go then Go to FolderChoose “Go” from the top of the screen, then choose “Go to Folder…”

SMART Floating Tools: type in  ~/Library   Type in ~/Library

SMART Floating Tools: delete all .xml files within that folderDelete all .xml files within the SMART Board Drivers folder

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2 Responses to Dude, Where’s My Floating Toolbar?

  1. Jason Wanek says:

    Dude! Where’s my car?