Multimedia Posters with Glogster EDU, Part 2

Yesterday, our webinar focused on the overall wonders of creating a multimedia poster with Glogster EDU. I modeled how students can access the Web 2.0 tool, allowing them to be as creative as they want — no longer confined to displaying their research assignments on boring ol’ oak tag. With a basic poster, the most extravagant a student can get is by adding markers, glued pictures, and text. With Glogster EDU, students are able to take that concept to the next level by incorporating multimedia enhancements. Watch the webinar below.

Since it’s April, and the 22nd is just around the corner, I decided to create an Earth Day-themed Glog using the following Glogster EDU tool options:

  • TEXT (Text boxes, bubbles and looseleaf)
  • WALL and PAGE (Background colors, images, borders and uploaded images)
  • GRAPHICS (still and animated images)
  • DATA (PDFs and other attachments)
  • AUDIO (sounds, recordings and podcasts)
  • VIDEO (YouTube or your own uploaded videos)
  • GRAB (using your webcam to capture photos, audio and video on the fly)

I saved the Glog as “Public” so that anyone can access it here.

Whether you use one of the available Glog templates or start from scratch, engaging and exciting multimedia posters are just a click away so enjoy!

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