Teq Breezes Through the Windy City

Last week, Teq took off for Chicago to present NAO at National Robotics Week.

Chief Learning Officer Joe Dixon gave two presentations at the Museum of Science and Industry that gave students their first look at the educational robot. From there, Dixon and a team of instructional technologists gave hands-on sessions with students in designated museum classrooms.

Students came from eight Chicago schools (Chicago Vocational Career Academy, Eli Whitney Technology Magnet Cluster School, Mather HS, Michele Clark ECSS, Corliss EC STEM HS, Charles Allen Prosser Career Academy, and Gwendolyn Brooks HS) and spent the days interacting with NAO, exploring how the humanoid robot could impact their classroom and their future.

Students had the opportunity to program NAO themselves. Many knew immediately what they wanted the robot to do and worked together to figure out the solution for a successful animation. The perfectionists in each group spent much of the time tweaking their projects, modifying code to better sync movements and dialogue. Other students took a more exploratory approach, driven by the infinite number of things they could teach NAO to do. “We had an amazing time,” Dixon said. “We had a blast working with everyone on the NAO platform. When students help drive the questions they will learn deeply.”

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One Response to Teq Breezes Through the Windy City

  1. Joseph Dixon, Sr. says:

    Outstanding! Joe, you and the team did a remarkable job in Chicago. I am so very proud of all. It is so exciting to see students anxious to learn, adapt and improvise. Your team gave them the right motivation and the right resource to turn on the learning light. Congratulations.
    Joseph Dixon, Sr.