Gathering Evidence for Learning…There’s an App for That!

EvidenceForLearningAppIconLargeWhen teachers can gather information about student learning during the instructional process, they can provide better feedback to the student and make better plans for further supporting the learning.  The Evidence for Learning app for iPhone and iPad from theTeacherCloud makes the process of gathering evidence easy and seamless.

In the app, you’ll begin with a setup of your class(es), students, subjects, and a comment template. Choosing a “Framework” will lead you to selecting the Common Core Standards (or others) for your grade level.  (It’s also important to note that in the setup, you can enable a passcode lock making the records stored on your device more secure.)  For teachers who are doing standards based grading, the ability to align evidence of student learning to the learning goals can be a huge advantage not only for tracking progress across time but also for reporting progress to parents.

The next step is to set up an activity with the choice of including a name, date, class, subject, topic and objective. Setting up an objective will lead you to a “lookup” where you can identify the standards that align with the activity or you can type in your own. The date for activities can be set for today or any date in the future. So, while you’re planning your lessons for the next week, you can also plan for the learning that you’ll be observing and recording.

When you’re ready to begin observing and recording your students’ work, select the activity, tap on the camera icon then take a photo.  Add your comments, check off the objective that you’re observing, check off the student name then Save.  You also have the option of simply taking photos as you observe then adding them to the activity from your Camera Roll later on.

PDF Reports can be created when you’re ready to aggregate all the results of student learning. Twenty reports are included free with an in-app purchase that will provide you with the ability to create more reports.

In addition to the single user model, the folks at theTeacherCloud are working on further updates for this app and will soon release a school subscription model that will include

  • School logos and colors on PDF reports.
  • Unlimited report credits
  • License all classroom staff
  • Centralized licensing and cost management

How do you like to gather evidence of your student’s learning progress?  Is this app right for you?

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