Q & A with Teq!

Over the years we’ve been to your schools
Taught you iPad, SMART Board, and other great web tools
Now it’s your turn, so ask away…
It’s time for some Q & A, the Teq way
On May 29th join Joseph and Lin
Here are the rules and the prizes you’ll win

Do you have a question for the Teq PD team? Would you like to receive a SMART Response kit, Document Camera, admission to one of our summer PD workshops, or other Teq prizes?

On May 29th the Teq PD team will be holding a live Q and A session webinar, and we’d love to hear from you! Ask anything you would like to know about classroom technology and resources (interactive whiteboards, web tools, finding great apps, etc.). For topics we have covered, go to our webinar archive.

By submitting your questions to our Facebook page, Twitter feed, or emailing us at training@teq.com, you will be entered in a drawing where we will be giving away a variety of prizes for your classroom!

Submit your question in any of the following ways, and be sure to mention “Q & A with TeqPD 5/29″ with your question to be eligible.

We will be answering questions as we get them and live during the webinar. The raffle winners will also be announced live on May 29th! Go to our Events page to register for the webinar!

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2 Responses to Q & A with Teq!

  1. Myra says:

    Is there a way to just erase one particular color of ink at a time? Sometimes when I am illustrating geometry concepts I want to use the same diagram and the earlier color markings and just erase the last color I put on. Sometimes I need to point something out or clarify and then want to erase JUST that, but it erases the things around it also. If we could just do something like Erase Blue Ink and then the rest would remain, that would be very good for me. One of my students actually helped suggest this.

    • Myra, Thanks for the question, This is not exactly possible, but I do have a few suggesstions……For example You can lock down the ink that you do not want to erase. and it will only erase the ‘unlocked’ ink. I will absolutely cover this next Wednesday with several options.