5 Tools to Keep Building Your SMART Board Skills

We recently posted 5 Key Skills for Using SMART Notebook. These are 5 skills you need to learn if you want to use a SMART Board and SMART Notebook. If you want to dive deeper, here are 5 more skills I’d consider for someone more familiar with the software. They are the slightly more advanced features of SMART Notebook, but not so advanced that they cannot be widely used in your lessons. For a great mix of tips for using SMART Notebook, you can register online for either our 20 Coolest Things (You Can Do with a SMART Board) or SMART Lesson Development. Both contain a new look at some basic features, as well as using the tools below, and integrating some web resources.

1. Page Recorder

To create a Page Recording, select the Properties tab, then choose “Page Recording”, and “Start Recording.” The recording doesn’t actually begin until something is written on the Board, or an object is moved on the page. When the recording is stopped, a navigation bar will appear at the bottom of the screen. From this bar, you can rewind, pause, play, and stop the playback of everything you recorded. If you don’t like your recording, cancel it by clicking the “X” in the top-right corner of the navigation bar. To keep the Recording as one of your Notebook pages, all you need to do is save your Notebook file.

2. Magic Pen

Select the Magic Pen icon. This has three uses:

  • Invisible Ink:The ink will fade away in about 5 seconds
  • Spotlight: Make a complete (or nearly complete) circle, and the spotlight feature will be enabled. Move the spotlight with the grayed-out region, change the size of the spot by dragging from the center of the spot.
  • Magnifier: Draw a rectangle and it will become a magnifier (to move, select the lower region and move around; to zoom-in or out, drag from the center of the rectangle). This feature can be used inside or outside of Notebook.
  • To activate either the Spotlight or the Magnifier, the shape must be drawn in a continuous pen stroke.

3. SMART Recorder

You can record all the actions performed on the computer. If there is a microphone attached to your computer, you can also record your voice explaining what is occurring.

  1. Press on the SMART Board icon
  2. Select Recorder
  3. Press on the button with the red circle to record the entire screen.
  4. Press on the drop down menu beside the record button to record a selected area or record a window
  5. After you press the record button, everything that you see on the screen or the SMART Board, and any audio picked up by your computer’s microphone, will be recorded, until you press Stop (the button with the gray square)
  6. Once you press the stop button, you will be prompted to save your recording. Choose the file in which you wish to save your recording.

4. Video Player*

The SMART Video Player allows you to play videos already on your computer.

When playing a video in the SMART Video Player, you are able to pick up a pen and write over your video. As soon as a pen is activated, the video will pause. Use the Photo Capture button to capture a specific frame, with or without notes, to Notebook software. Other button options include using a cursor as a pen tool, changing the thicknesses of digital ink lines, viewing the video in full screen mode as well as looping the video clip.

*PC Only

 5. Pin Page & Dual Page

While in dual page you can lock, or “pin,” the left hand page and continue moving through the notebook pages on the right had side. Right click on the toolbar at the top of the Notebook. Select the Pin Page button and add this to the toolbar. Once this button is added, select it to pin the Notebook page, select it again to un-pin the page.

View two SMART Notebook pages on the SMART Board simultaneously.

Selecting the Dual Page button will display two concurrent pages in notebook. To go back to single page view, select the button again.


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