Are You Ready to “Teach Above the Line?”

How will you focus your plans for instruction next year in a way that makes an impact on the learning outcomes in your classroom? Will you enhance what you’re already doing with new technology tools or will you work to transform your instruction?

SAMR model

The SAMR model can help you start to think about the ways you use technology.  Developed by Dr. Ruben Puentedura, this model helps us focus on the relationship between the use of technology and learning outcomes, as well as the level of student engagement.

At the Enhancement level, we use technology in ways that are only substituting or augmenting what we already do. While many of the enhancements we provide might make use of great tools, they don’t often lend themselves to high levels of student engagement or have any impact on student learning.  When we cross the line and move to Transformation, we begin to envision ways that technology provides the opportunity to modify or redesign tasks in a significant way or in ways that weren’t possible before. We also begin to think about how the connection between tools or combination of tools can provide increased engagement and better learning results. As one teacher’s blog post pointed out, she wants to “teach above the line.”

So, while we wish everyone could join our Teq PD staff for learning this summer, we hope that wherever you are and whatever learning opportunities you take advantage of, you’ll begin to think about how you too can “teach above the line.”

Do you already have ideas to implement in your classroom next year? Will they move your instruction “above the line?”

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