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blog-68956_640Perhaps the more appropriate title for this blog post would be “all I really need to know about learning with technology I learned from Mrs. Cassidy’s blog.”  Kathy Cassidy has maintained a class blog for quite a few years where she helps the rest of the world understand that technology is just a natural way for her young students to learn and interact with a global audience. It’s so easy, even a first grader can do it!  Let’s take a look at what’s been going on there recently. Can you spot the skills that her students are learning?

Classroom Tours

The two videos posted here recently are just a sample of others already shared.  As I watched them it made me think about all the preparation that must have gone into the presentation.  Did the students write the script that they would follow when it was their turn?  Did they practice speaking to an audience?  I suspect that the teachers whose tours were shared made this a total literacy project that included writing, reading, and speaking but more importantly, the presentation of that information to an audience.  Prompting readers of the blog and her students to compare each shared classroom with their own makes the instructional use of the blog that much stronger.

Pancake Day

This post was a nice way to publish a special classroom activity.  I’m sure they learned a lot about steps in a process, nutrition and working together.  But then I decided to start exploring a few of the individual student blogs and found this post.  Not only did they take pictures of the event but they also created a video explanation of the process.  Here are two more examples: Making Pancake and Making Pancakes.

One Hundredth Day of School

The 100th day of school is a great event.  It’s an opportunity for young students to understand what 100 looks like and how we can express it in different ways.  Not only did this class participate in their own activities but they took pictures of what they had accomplished, wrote a tweet with a hash tag and shared it with a global audience. Check out how this became a literacy activity through the use of Storify.  By publishing all the tweets there, the students were able to use it as a reading activity as well.

What did you learn from this blog?  What ideas can be extended to your grade level or content area?


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