Using buncee in the Classroom

blog-thumb-bunceeAs educators, we are always looking for creative and interactive ways to present new material. Teachers need up-to-date instructional techniques to keep their students engaged. A digital canvas is a valuable way to spark creativity, giving students and teachers the opportunity to put a personal spin on media rich presentations. buncee is a free, web-based program that makes this possible.

Why Use buncee?

After signing up at, a blank canvas is provided for users to add pictures, text, media, and sounds. Students can use buncee to create multiple slides and display information on any given topic. The canvas allows students to perform multimedia research, and creatively share information with teachers and classmates. Additionally, teachers may find this program helpful to design lessons for students to interact with individually or during whole-class instruction. A buncee can be used in a flipped classroom as teachers create lessons that can be viewed by students prior to in-class coaching and practice. The lesson can include videos, notes, and links to informative websites that allow students to enhance their knowledge of a subject with multimedia resources. Click below for a sample lesson created on the buncee website.

buncee Sample Lesson

After creating a buncee, it is assigned its own URL which can be shared with other users.  The author has the option to make his or her buncee public or private, and the presentation can be shared with others through e-mail or through social networks such as Edmodo, Schoology, Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. Students or teachers have the opportunity to visit the buncee from any computer, at home or in school. A limited version of the buncee program is available as an app for the iPhone and iPad.  The app, called buncee bits, allows users to save single page creations with pictures and text.

Creating a buncee is a free, easy way to bring new levels of creativity to lessons and presentations. Click below to see a buncee I created with short clips that show how simple it is to customize your buncee presentation with text, sound, and media. Happy bunceeing!

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