Collapsibles App in Edmodo

Teq recently published a Collapsibles app in the Edmodo App store. Collapsibles lets teachers or students create quizzes or study aids in a “collapsible” interface. It can be used for flashcard activities, essay question quizzes, and more. The structure lends itself to concepts that are sequential, layered, or progressive. Within each customizable section, the teacher or student can enter a long description and an image.

“Topics” can be created for ten collapsible sections. Each section can be customized with a description and image. Clicking on the topic bar will open or collapse that section. Each Collapsible activity that is created can be saved and used as an assignment in Edmodo.

Collapsibles Teacher Set Up

Collapsibles Student View

What apps are you using in Edmodo?

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One Response to Collapsibles App in Edmodo

  1. Bruce Reed says:

    Hi. I am a teacher trying to use this new app. I watched your video on Collapsibles, then bought the app for $4 for one Group.
    I created a Collapsible for my one group.
    I have a student account. So I tried to test this app.
    However, when I try to submit the student work from the Collapsible app, the page just refreshes, and the work is not submitted. I am using Google Chrome, but the same thing happens in Firefox. I adjusted my pop up settings in chrome to allow pope ups from all Edmodo sites, but this did not help.
    Bruce Reed