Register for a 2013-14 Teq Calendar!

Register for a 2013 Teq CalendarIn the 2013-14 Teq Calendar, the Teqsplorers are going on an adventure through time! Each month they will be visiting a different World’s Fair and learning about the inventions and innovations that were presented there.

Register below to receive your free calendar. They will be shipping in early September.

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2 Responses to Register for a 2013-14 Teq Calendar!

  1. E says:

    I know you do a good job, I’d like to request that you offer PDs after work hours. In the past there have been many you offer during work hours; typically mid day or during school work teaching times. I can’t possibly take off from work during my classroom schedule and view any workshops or Pds as much as I’d like to. Additionally I’d like to ensure that I can easily go back to view anything I decide to sign up for if it is offered when I am not free to see it or follow along – after the fact. So kindly consider this when planning and scheduling for the near future. Thanks, Eliz R

  2. Maria Gonzalez says:

    If the calendar is anything like the your workshops, then it should be jammed packed with user friendly informatiion of excellent quality. Looking forward to the calendar!!