The Answer Pad

The Answer Pad will be a wonderful way for teachers to track students progress and mastery of Common Core Standards.

What is The Answer Pad?

The Answer Pad is a student response system that collects data requiring a minimal amount of prep time, but allowing for maximum data analysis. With both an iPad app and web interface (the app for Android is coming soon), the product is available to students using different devices. The interfaces are easy to use, making the app accessible to students of all ages. As you would expect from a response system, The Answer Pad allows teachers to conduct formative and summative assessments, create individual and group reports for analysis, and interact with students in real time for immediate feedback.

This free application allows teachers to easily register, create classes, and create answer sheets for up to 38 students.

5 Great Features of The Answer Pad

1. Align your answer key with Common Core Standards

With The Answer Pad, you have the ability to code an answer sheet according to the Common Core Standards. Each assessment question can be assigned a standard right down to the College and Career Readiness anchor strand. This gives teachers an accurate depiction of what skills their students are mastering and where they need help.

2. Eight Different Question Response Types

The Answer Pad has 8 different question response types, even allowing  students to submit points on a coordinate grid:

  1. Numberwheel
  2. Fill in
  3. Pie Shade-In
  4. Rectangle Shade-In
  5. Co-ordinate Grid
  6. Yes/No
  7. True/False
  8. Multiple choice with 5 Answer Choices

blog-thumb-answerPadCoord3. Reports

The reports feature allows for clear analysis of student data and calculates student achievement according to Common Core Standards, giving teachers feedback on content mastery.

4. Real-time Collaboration

As if this was not enough, the Go Interactive! feature allows for real-time collaboration between teachers and students. Throughout the lesson the teacher has the ability to gauge student understanding, informally assess their learners, and differentiate their instruction.

5. Not limited to a single device

Unlike other student response systems, The Answer Pad is not limited to an app! Students can participate by using a smart phone, iPad, or a web browser. The student simply needs a username, password, and an answer sheet code to use the system.


Its ability to effortlessly collect student responses and formulate data graphs based on Common Core Standards should place The Answer Pad at the top of your must-have web tools for the upcoming school year. How can you see this tool working for you?

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2 Responses to The Answer Pad

  1. Thanks so much for the post. I wanted to just let you know that we have just updated our plans and have lifted the restrictions on enrollment for the free version. Teachers can now create up to 8 groups and enroll up to 200 students!

  2. Monica Burns says:

    I love the new updates to The Answer Pad – it’s one of my favorite assessment apps!