4 Updates for Using Evernote 3 for iOS7 in Your Classroom

evernote_logo-300x300Evernote is a tool for classrooms that we’ve highlighted in previous blog posts and featured in an eBook.  With the recent update to its iPad app, specifically for iOS7, there are four things that makes this an even better tool for mobile learning.

1. The Home Screen is Clean and Green
When you open Evernote on your iOS 7 iPad, you’ll now get a quick look at the last two notes you worked in, recent Notebooks and your Tags putting everything you need to get started in class in a neater, more organized display.

2. New QuickNotes Feature
On the Home Screen, the QuickNotes feature in the lower left corner provides a quick, one tap way to add a note, access the camera to take a quickshot, create a reminder or make a list of things to do.  This one tap feature makes it easy for students to start using the Evernote tools more quickly to begin gathering information right from the beginning of class.

3. Skitch Integration
With Skitch fully integrated into Evernote, you’ll no longer need to use a separate app to annotate images. This gives students the option to take a photo of written notes, a diagram the teacher is sharing, or a photo of something they’re working on during the lesson then annotate the image within their own notes.

When you open the Evernote app, tap on the camera icon to activate the iPad’s camera and capture an image directly into a Note or save an image from a web search to your Photos to retrieve and insert into your Note. Tap once on the image placed in your Note to reveal the Skitch tools in the upper right corner. You’ll see a selection of tools on the right and a selection of colors and line thicknesses on the left that will look familiar if you’ve used the Skitch app before. Once you’ve annotated the image, tap on Save and look for the Share icon. This gives you the option to send the annotated image to the camera roll or send it via message, email or social media.  Tapping on Done places the annotated image back into the Note where students can continue to add their own text or tap on the Attach icon to add an audio note.

4. Share notes using AirDrop
With the update to iOS 7, you now have the ability to quickly and easily share files with others who are also using an iOS7 device (including iPad Retina, iPad mini, iPhone5 and newer). When students have created a Note that’s ready to be shared, tapping the Share icon reveals Airdrop as a choice. Anyone else who has Airdrop enabled will be listed so you can tap to choose the people who will receive your Note.

What do you like best about Evernote 3 for iOS7?

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