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“That is a good book which is opened with expectation and closed with profit.”–Amos Bronson Alcott

Sadly, Amos probably did not mean monetary profit, but here at Teq we have many eBooks that your classroom can profit from educationally. Whether you are just getting started using a SMART Board or you’re ready to venture into the flipped classroom environment, we have the eBook for you!

SMART Board Quick Reference Guide

SMART Board Quick Reference GuideOur SMART Board Quick Reference Guide covers all of the topics you will need to familiarize yourself with the board. Whether you have just received a new SMART Board in your classroom, or just feel you need to know more about it, this guide will help you with setting up, familiarizing yourself with the different parts, and, most importantly, provide you with simple troubleshooting tips for common problems. download ebook

20 Cool Things for your IWB

20 Cool Things You Can Do On Your Interactive WhiteboardWhether you are using a SMART Board, ActivBoard, Starboard, or an interactive projector, these 20 resources- from apps to features in your interactive whiteboard software- can help you increase interactivity, share content, make lessons more impactful, and clarify concepts. download ebook

All Things Google

blog-thumb-all-things-googleGoogle Drive and Google Forms and Google Earth … Oh my! Learn how to get a free place to store all your spreadsheets, presentations, and drawings instead of scanning your emails to find that buried attachment; make student assessments almost effortless; or take your students right into the Everglades during that Wet Lands Habitat project. This eBook will help you make the most of All Things Google in your classroom. download ebook

 Top 16 iPad Apps 2012

Top iPad Apps eBookInside you’ll find overviews of 16 apps we’ve found teachers using in their classrooms, as well as some of our own personal favorites, including Evernote, Skitch, Edmodo, and Three Ring. Not only will you discover popular education apps, but the TeqPD team shares specific classroom examples for each. download ebook

Top iPad Apps 2013

Top iPad Apps 2013TeqPD came back in 2013 with another app eBook. Inside you will find a simple overview of some of the apps we feel are useful to teachers. This eBook includes ThingLink, AnswerPad, Loopster, Aurasma and more. Each app not only has an overview of what the app is, but a specific classroom example of how the app could be used to engage students.

Of course if you are using iPads in the classroom you must watch our archived webinars Teq’s Top 5 iPad Apps and iPad Appy Hour. Please register for our upcoming iPad webinar Teq’s iPad Apps Cafe. download ebook

Evernote for the Classroom

EvernoteIf you’d like to use Evernote to create notebooks, tag content, create student portfolios, and share lessons with students, this is the eBook for you. Learn about the Evernote family of apps by downloading our eBook Evernote for the Classroom. See how the using the skills in Evernote can be used in the classroom with our Evernote in the Classroom webinar.

5 Apps for Mobile Assessment

5 Great Apps for Assessing with QuizzesAssessing student learning is one of the most important but challenging things for a teacher to do. Assessment reports and online grading tools take away the tedious task of collecting and grading quizzes, as well as provide educators with spreadsheet-style assessment results that can focus on the student, the question, or even the topic. To help bring solutions to the classroom, we’ve created this eBook, to inform you about some of our favorite and most useful apps for assessment. See how some of these apps work in our Ready, Set, Quiz webinar. download ebook


blog-thumb-pblThe concept of project-based learning has been around for quite some time, teaching students career-ready skills they will use in the real world. With the influx of modern technology in the classroom, projects have never been easier to administer. The following lessons are provided to get your class started. Each of these lessons contains a project description and both an editable copy of the rubric and a PDF version of the lesson. Images associated with possible project ideas have been included with the understanding and intent that they will be used solely for educational purposes, under each of their respective creative commons licenses. Teachers are free to scale the objectives based on student level and desired outcomes. download ebook

5 Steps to Flip your Classroom

How to Flip Your ClassroomIf you’re thinking of flipping your classroom, we’ve compiled a list of five simple steps and ten tools to get you started. We take an example topic (finding the perimeter of a rectangle) and walk you through the steps to create a video, share it with students, and create opportunities for personalized instruction during class time. Learn the skills explained in this eBook and see them in action in our Just Flip It webinar. download ebook

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