Freezing Web Pages

freezepageWhen using the web to find content for instructional use, we have a number of ways to save links back to that content. Sometimes, accessing those saved links ends in frustration for us because a website has been reorganized or the page just doesn’t exist anymore. That’s where FreezePage comes in.

FreezePage is a free (and premium) service that allows you to “freeze” webpages. After creating an account, all you’ll need to do is copy the website address and paste it into FreezePage and your webpage will be stored in your account. You’ll be able to give the saved page a name and description to help you recall its content.

Classroom Use

  1. While students are doing research for a project, “freezing” webpages will help them maintain a record of what they’ve found and ensure that the links can be accessed as needed.
  2. Teachers who are working on gathering web resources for a unit of study can “freeze” pages then share the unique URL created for each page with students via email and social media or the link can be shared through a class web site or other learning platform.
  3. When major events such as our recent government shutdown occur, saving articles that spell out the chronology of the event can be useful even beyond the current school year.
  4. Using FreezePage allows teachers to “freeze” the content from an ever-changing class website or wiki as documentation of the work done with students that supports their use of technology in instruction.

Free FreezePage accounts allow you to store up to 20mb while various levels of premium accounts provide additional storage space.

How would using FreezePage be an advantage in your classroom?

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