We’re Doing “Handsprings” at Teq

blog-thumb-handspringsr-3BigLooking for a fun and appealing way to review and cover basic language and math skills with your early elementary students? We’re happy to announce the launch of our newest app called Handsprings, now available in both the Edmodo and iPad App Stores. Handsprings contains an animated story, poem, recipe, craft and extension activities all based on a specific theme or topic.   Most components provide  picture symbol support (Picture Communication Symbols by Dynavox/Mayer Johnson and SymbolStix by n2y) that can be activated on a page-by-page basis. The combination of engaging animations and symbol support make this app highly suitable for use with students with special needs, especially students with Complex Communication Needs.

blog-thumb-handsprings-4The Handsprings application can be used to promote foundational skills in language, literacy, and math and can be used in both mainstream and special education classrooms.  The text provided in the Recipe, Craft, Story and Poem components provides an excellent forum for addressing the Common Core Standards for ELA, while the extension activities (available in both Smart Notebook and ActivInspire formats) can be used to address the  full range of Common Core Standards for traditional math.   As the math extension activities span a PreK through Grade 1 range, there is a continuum of material available to promote differentiated instruction.

A detailed clinical handout can be downloaded to assist the teacher in implementing this flexible and engaging app in the classroom setting. Below is a three part tutorial highlighting how the app works.

Part one provides an introduction to the app, highlighting its five components.

Part two offers examples of the symbol support and animations provided in the recipe component of the app.

The final video provides an overview of the craft, poem, and story components of the app  and discusses the download of extension activities.

From small group instruction to whole group lessons, the Handsprings app is priceless. Check it out and and let us know what you think.

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