LearnerPal as a Classroom Management Tool


LearnerPal is an easy-to-use, online program that provides a convenient way for teachers to assess students, differentiate instruction, and for students to keep track of their progress. With LearnerPal, students can take an active role in managing their educational goals within an easy-to-use online learning environment.

LearnerPal for Teachers

Within the LearnerPal teacher portal, there are several options for managing classes and assignments.  Options are available for creating new content or using LearnerPal’s existing content.


Example of the Teacher Portal Main Menu

Managing Courses

Teachers can decide how they would like to separate their courses and personalize their learning groups. LearnerPal allows the teacher to keep track of multiple groups and determine which students should be enrolled in each section. Teachers may decide to create courses based on class groups, skill level, or by subject area and unit of study.  Each course will be assigned its own learning activities by the teacher to help differentiate instruction.

Learning Activities

Teachers have the option to create and appoint different types of learning activities for students. These include study mode quizzes, scored quizzes, and offline assignments. LearnerPal has a strong database of questions, across subject areas, created by LearnerPal’s subject-area “gurus.” Teachers also have the ability to  create a custom questions to use with their students. Learning activities can be created as study mode quizzes which allow students to assess themselves and their knowledge of classroom content, or graded online activities which allows for teacher assessment and feedback.  Teachers can use these graded activities as part of their LearnerPal gradebook.

Teachers can notify students of offline assignments (homework, classwork, upcoming written tests, etc.) and easily keep track of grading these assignments using LearnerPal.  Teachers can access assignments that are uploaded by students directly on the website.  They also have the option to communicate with students by providing notes and feedback about an assignment after it has been submitted.


Creating and Managing Questions

LearnerPal provides a variety of pre-created questions that can be added to learning activities. However, teachers also have the option of creating their own content starting with several question type options. These questions can be formatted and saved for later use.


After choosing a question type, the teacher can attach informative hints for students, images that pertain to the subject or question, and detailed explanations for incorrect answers. Each of the questions can be saved and used at any point when creating future learning activities. Below is an example of what the question creation page would look like for the teacher.



The LearnerPal gradebook allows teachers to manage students’ grades based on individual or assignment. The teacher has the opportunity to keep track of a detailed log of students’ scores for online and offline assignments. A simple menu is available to view and grade the activity. Below is an example of the grading view for the teacher where they can add grades and notes, view uploaded content, and delete scores.

image009The gradebook also allows the teacher to communicate with parents and administrators by printing progress report cards which give a detailed view of how students are progressing through their assignments, as well as the current standing of their grade.



LearnerPal has ongoing reports for the activities in each course or for each individual student. Reports are generated with easy-to-read bar graphs that display the grade statistics for all completed learning activities. Graphs of student progress, current grade averages, time spent on course activities, and pass/fail information are all readily available for the teacher to review. Not only is the teacher assessing the students, but also has the ability to evaluate the success of his or her testing materials. These grade reports can be exported into a Microsoft Excel file for saving. These reports give teachers an opportunity to speak with students and provide instant feedback after editing progress. Data driven instruction plays a key role in reaching Common Core State Standards and improving student and teacher motivation. It also helps give students an overall sense of responsibility for their success. Below is an example of a grade report that teachers can view.


LearnerPal for Students

Student accounts can be created by the teacher with individual usernames and passwords. LearnerPal offers a variety of benefits for increasing student self assessment. Using their single username, students can keep track of multiple courses and the assignments they are working on for different teachers. An online calendar can be used to increase communication with parents and allow students easy access to upcoming deadlines at home. Completing online assessments and keeping track of personal progress are key to increasing student motivation and ownership over their own work.

Teachers have the ability to differentiate assessments with LearnerPal, but students also have the ability to individualize their instruction. Once a quiz is assigned, students have the option to edit some aspects about the way the quiz is presented to them. In addition, students can tag questions for later review.

image017While taking an online assessment, students are given instant feedback about their progress. A summary at the end of the quiz informs the student on how they performed, along with a detailed explanation of each incorrect answer. In addition, students can receive instant online feedback from teachers after submitting an offline assignment.

image0019Other study resources available for students are the use of flash cards and summary pages that can be uploaded by teachers. Using these reference materials, students can prepare for upcoming assessments and personally evaluate how well they understand a subject, tracking their own progress and improvement.

LearnerPal provides a number of ways to motivate students, and organization study and test prep resournces for both teachers and students. The program is available across all devices including laptops and iPads, allowing for quick and easy access.

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