6 Features of Teq’s Online PD

blog-thumb-teqonlinepd2We recently launched our Teq Online PD platform to provide our professional development to teachers across the country! Currently there are over 50 different courses available, and new content is being designed by the Teq PD team to reflect the trends in educational technology. Our goal is to empower teachers with the skills and confidence needed to prepare students for 21st century careers.

Piloted by a group of teachers during the summer of 2013, our Teq Online PD keeps participants engaged, and connected with other participants and the Teq PD team.

Here are 6 features of Teq Online PD we are really excited about!

1. It’s LIVE

Interact with the presenter and other participants during each course. With multiple courses scheduled during a day, you are sure to find something that fits your schedule.

2. Raise your hand

Need a question answered? You can send a question directly to the presenter in real time and know it will be answered.

3. DVR

All live sessions have a DVR feature, allowing you to pause, rewind and fast forward. This is great for taking a break or, in case you’re a few minutes late, you can always just rewind without having to wait for the archive.

4. Archived Sessions

All sessions are recorded and archived for all participants to review.

5. Resource Page

So you have a question from an archived session? Each course is paired with a resource page where you can access the presenter’s notes, example file, and any other items pertaining to the course. The resource page includes a discussion board so our dedicated Teq Online PD team, and other teachers in the community, can answer any questions you may have.

6. Practical, NOT Theoretical

Our courses are not designed to just dictate educational theory, but to show best practices and practical examples of using educational technology in your classroom. Content and examples are designed specifically for teachers to copy, re-create, modify and incorporate into their instruction.

Check out www.teq.com/online-pd for more information and access to the Online PD course Calendar.

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